driving (acoustic live) — everything but the girl

yeah well, i started this off with tracey thorn and ben watts, so may as well end with them.

deserts and darkness, my hand on the wheel

this one for TDM, wherever you are


protection — everything but the girl (massive attack) [live]

A song of universal compassion.

I’ve always thought that it could be even better if … the last chorus shuffled the genders completely, as below. Ya know? Think about it…

sometimes you look so small, need some shelter
been running round and round, helter skelter
and i’ve leaned on you for years, now you can lean on me
that’s more than love, that’s the way it should be

and i can’t change the way you feel
but i can put my arms around you
that’s just part of the deal, that’s the way i feel
i’ll put my arms around you

i stand in front of you, i’ll take the force of the protection
i stand in front of you, i’ll take the force of the protection

you’re a girl and i’m a boy
you’re a boy and i’m a girl
you’re a girl and i’m a girl
you’re a boy and i’m a boy

“Call Me by Your Name”

A few nights ago I saw the film “Call Me by Your Name” and am still entirely lost in its spell. A film I’ve kind of been waiting my whole life for, which, miraculously, did not disappoint but was even better than I could have hoped. Review coming soon, but for now, this song — featured towards the end of the film — captures its purity and great beauty. This film shimmers with goodness and I bow to all who made it possible.

“world citizen” — sakamoto / sylvian

what happened here?
the butterly has lost its wings
the air’s too thick to breathe
and there’s something in the drinking water

the sun comes up
the sun comes up and you’re alone
your sense of purpose come undone
the traffic tails back to the maze on 101

and the news from the sky
is looking better for today
in every single way but not for you
world citizen

world citizen