5) Brand New Heavies, Sometimes (Diti’s French Touch)

Okay, last one. I haven’t yet, but long to, end a set with this. An old ’90s acid jazz classic, remixed to perfection by Dimitri from Paris. Uplifted house music at its finest. Joy to all.


4: The Temper Trap, Sweet Disposition (Danrell remix)

“A moment of love, a dream, a laugh, a kiss, a cry, our rights, our wrongs…”

Okay, time to climb up and out. One of my two favorite mixes of one of my favorite songs of the past decade. This one crushes me every time. The guitar’s a little off (Danrell said it was a very early effort and he’d fix it if he ever did it over), but honestly it’s a minor blemish in an otherwise utterly triumphant tune. With so … much … darkness about these days, never forget all the unspeakable beauty we funny old humans manage to send out into the world.

Got it?!

“So stay there, ’cause I’ll be coming over, while our blood’s still young … won’t stop ’til it’s over, won’t stop to surrender…”

3: Jeff Buckley and Liz Fraser, All Flowers in Time Bend Towards the Sun

So now we’ve had Liz Fraser and Jeff Buckley and it’s time to put them together…

I have somewhat mixed feelings about embedding this video as Liz has said she’s not happy about its release onto YouTube, given its very unfinished, rough nature. But … but … it’s out there, and it’s the only known collaboration between these two astonishing vocalists, and it’s just so damn gorgeous and haunting. So to Liz I beg forgiveness.

2: Jeff Buckley, Everybody Here Wants You

From the posthumous release Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk, Jeff Buckley does classic soul. This man had one of the most piercingly, achingly sweet and expressive voices around. If by the second chorus — and definitely by the third — your heart hasn’t melted down, I think it might need a reset…


some tunes to gradually lift you from the depths — 1: Cocteau Twins, Touch upon Touch

A mini-mix. A week, and especially a day, dark beyond words. So scrap the words.

The first one comes from the Cocteaus, the last song they released before breaking up in 1996. No doubt this would have landed on the follow-up LP to Milk & Kisses, but the recording sessions for said follow-up remain locked in the vaults, ever so sadly for those of us who long to hear anything and everything this band ever set down.


yes, the ultimate Cocteau Twins mix

The Cocteau Twins were so sublime that my “best of” compilation represents over one quarter of everything they recorded! I spent a lot of time trying to make this flow immaculately from beginning to end, and listening to it in sheerest bliss some weeks ago driving through the mountains as late afternoon faded into twilight into evening has convinced me I could do no better.

Just the playlist for now, but hopefully soon I can put together a YouTube playlist of the whole thing (they are all there) and embed it here. For now, this post is mainly addressed to those who are already familiar with this unspeakably exquisite music.

One of these days I would like to write a proper appreciation of this band (Liz Fraser, Robin Guthrie, and Simon Raymonde). There will never be another like them. There are even times when I find myself thinking that the greatest privation of death will be being unable to hear these songs again…

CD 1

  1. Pandora (Treasure)
  2. Cico Buff (Blue Bell Knoll)
  3. I Wear Your Ring (Heaven or Las Vegas)
  4. Throughout the Dark Months of April and May (Victorialand)
  5. The High Monkey-Monk (unreleased, bonus track on The Box Set)
  6. Cherry-Coloured Funk (Heaven or Las Vegas)
  7. Athol-Brose (Blue Bell Knoll)
  8. Know Who You Are at Every Age (Four-Calendar Café)
  9. She Will Destroy You (The Moon and the Melodies [with Harold Budd])
  10. Hitherto (Sunburst and Snowblind EP)
  11. Otterley (Treasure)
  12. Great Spangled Fritillary (Echoes in a Shallow Bay EP)
  13. Primitive Heart (Tishbite single)
  14. Aikea-Guinea (Aikea-Guinea EP)
  15. How to Bring a Blush to the Snow (Victorialand)
  16. Theft, and Wandering Around Lost (Four-Calendar Café)
  17. Smile (Violaine single)
  18. Donimo (Treasure)
  19. Squeeze-Wax (Four-Calendar Café)


CD 2

  1. Millimillenary (The Pink Opaque [compilation, otherwise unreleased])
  2. Crushed (Lonely Is an Eyesore [4AD label compilation, otherwise unreleased])
  3. Iceblink Luck (Heaven or Las Vegas)
  4. Feet-like Fins (Victorialand)
  5. Alice (Violaine single)
  6. Frou-Frou Foxes in Midsummer Fires (Heaven or Las Vegas)
  7. Evangeline (Four-Calendar Café)
  8. Heaven or Las Vegas (Heaven or Las Vegas)
  9. Serpentskirt (Milk & Kisses)
  10. Rilkean Heart (Twinlights EP)
  11. Carolyn’s Fingers (Blue Bell Knoll)
  12. Bluebeard (Four-Calendar Café)
  13. Those Eyes, That Mouth (Love’s Easy Tears EP)
  14. Pur (Four-Calendar Café)
  15. Pink Orange Red (Tiny Dynamine EP)
  16. Seekers Who Are Lovers (Milk & Kisses)
  17. Golden-Vein (Twinlights EP)
  18. Calfskin Smack (Milk & Kisses)
  19. Touch Upon Touch (Volume 17 and Splashed with Many a Speck compilations)