Peter Gabriel – San Jacinto (New Blood version), live in London HD

A year or so ago Peter Gabriel released New Blood in which he reworked a group of his songs for orchestra and voice alone. I’d heard the version of Mercy Street awhile back – very beautiful, of course, though I’m just not sure anything could improve on the original (and that link also another exception to the rule that music videos – this one directed by Matt Mahurin – detract from the power of the music).

Then last night I came across the new version of San Jacinto and … well, what to say? It’s one of the greatest vocal performances I’ve seen in quite awhile, spine-chilling, perfect. The orchestra frames his voice in such a way that the rawness and depth of the song can come fully through. And I’m not sure he’s ever sung better, honestly. Well, just watch. And then, when you’ve recovered, you will probably want to rewind…