“your heart is the big box of paints”

“…and others, the canvas we’re dealt.” (XTC – “Wrapped in Grey”)

Earlier today overheard the tail end of a sentence: “… they’re just so uncomfortable with shades of gray.”  Making me think that, really, this isn’t quite right. Shades of gray are still only forms of black and white. We merely move from one to two dimensions.  Instead of a point there is now linearity: degrees of black and white.  A third category has been created which merely buttresses the overarching sovereignty of the Two–rather how “bisexuality” operates. It’s still all about Black and White, but now we’re pretending to be sophisticated!

But I think what we really fear is the radiance, profundity, brilliance of living colour. Irreducible to anything else, to any grid or agenda, any this-OR-that.  The redness of red, the blueness of blue, the greenness of green.

Reminding me of how, in the Bardo Thödol (the teaching translated, loosely and maybe not so well, as The Tibetan Book of the Dead) it is said that the “subtle energy”/mindstream after death, out of accumulated confusion, repeatedly turns away in fear from the brilliance of the colours appearing to it, ultimately choosing one of the dull colours leading to rebirth in one of the samsaric realms.

Is that what happens? Who knows! But I like the idea that we fear brilliance, fear pure, raw, unconceptualizable perception / experience / reality.  From that point of view, indeed all we seem to have is black-and-white vision.  Or in other words, shades of grey.

“your heart is the big box of paints
and others, the canvas we’re dealt
your heart is the big box of paints
just think how the old masters felt, they call:
awaken you dreamers…”